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Major update: Spring version 2024 released!
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  • no need to click: just spin your mouse-wheel over the slider!
with sunrise/sunset,
2nd time zone, ...
  • customize time zones
  • day-date options
  • smooth seconds
Completely free, no ads, no time limit.
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Backups: three-in-one!
  • FULL Backup
  • Daily CHANGES
  • Zip-file support
  • Filter
  • Automatic
Color picker with a human touch
  • New: full alpha support
  • based on human perception!
  • CIE 1931 XYZ specification
  • 8-bit, 12-bit or 16-bit colors
  • color wavelength in nm
  • Kelvin line integrated over the visible spectrum using Planck's radiation law
New: real alpha preview over custom background (bottom right)
Turn your monitor into a ring light!
Photo-viewer and slideshow
  • examine pictures fast
  • pre-loading for smooth display
  • cross-fade for beautiful slideshows
  • zoom to mouse-pointer
And with free we really mean free: No ads, no nagging reminders, no private data collection.
Active support and free regular updates included!
When's the next Full Moon?
  • Exact time of next full/new moon
  • Number of days - easy to remember!
  • Change color and background (skin):
Many ways to customize 12Gadgets to your needs:

(*Sample pictures, actual functions subject to change. Some features require an add-on.)


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